How many miles should I look for on a new car?

As technology and maintenance techniques improve, vehicles are lasting longer than ever which makes buying a used car and even better option. Still, when you look at a used vehicle, the miles and years are still considerations on which you should buy. If you are in the Seattle or Everett area, we have a used vehicle for you.

The miles on a car tell a story of how it was driven and what life it has left. A vehicle's age can have an impact on parts that can rust or wear out, but the miles still tell the story. A vehicles engine, suspension and transmission are all affected by the number of miles it is driven. Knowing how the car was driven also should be considered as highway miles are easier on the engine parts than city miles. A car with 40,000 mile that has been in an accident may have larger issues than a car with 100,000 mile that has been cared for meticulously.

Definitely know the mileage of the car you are considering buying. But also ask questions about the car's history. Here at Doug's Lynnwood Mazda our used car and SUV inventory comes with a AutoCheck vehicle history report that will tell you how many people have owned it, and let you know if it has been in a crash. Find out everything you can about how it was used and how it was maintained by making a decision. There are no guaranteed ways to determine how long a car will last as you own it yourself, you will want to maintain it well to ensure a long life.

Come visit our Mazda dealership serving Everett and Seattle to see our selection of used vehicles or to take a test drive today.

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