Summertime in Washington means it's Time for Your Mazda Service

Now that Spring is firmly in the rearview mirror, drivers all around Edmonds, Seattle, and Kirkland WA should do everything in their power to make sure their vehicles are equipped to handle the escalating temperatures of the summer months. The factory-certified technicians at Doug's Lynnwood Mazda are equipped to handle any job that comes through our service center, and there are a few key areas we want our customers to know about.

The first thing any Everett or Lynnwood driver thinks of when associating driving with summertime is wondering if the air conditioning works. Washington may not be California or Florida when it comes to summertime heat, but it can get toasty, and if you have any long road trips planned this summer, you'll want to make sure yours is fit. After all, a comfortable driver is a focused driver.

The next thing you'll want to have checked is your cooling system. High temperatures bring in increased risk of breaking down due to overheating, so if it's been a while since you've had your system flushed, now is a good time to get that done.

Another important fluid you'll want to ensure is in prime condition is your motor oil. If it's been a while since your last change, your oil has likely picked up a lot of dirt and grime from the winter and spring months.

Lastly, you'll want to make sure your tires are ready to beat the heat. If your tire tread is worn down, the increased heat on the concrete of the roads and highways means you'll have a much higher risk of a blowout. If your tread is worn, or you notice that cracks are beginning to form in the tire, it's time to change them out.

We encourage all our customers around Bothell, WA to schedule service at their convenience whether it's for summer prep or taking care of Mazda recall maintenance.

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