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Understanding Mazda's Unique All-Wheel Drive System

For help in dealing with all weather conditions and road surfaces, an effective all-wheel drive system can be a massive benefit. Many of these systems react to slips and changes in road condition as they happen, to give you extra grip and torque in the proper ratio to help you through tough situations. Mazda's all-wheel drive system is a bit different though.

The i-Activ AWD (all-wheel drive) system employed by Mazda is more proactive than reactive. It wants to try and prevent major slips before they happen, rather than react to what has already happened to give Seattle drivers additional confidence and control in all types of weather. Rocky, unpaved roads outside of Everett, muddy driveways, wet and snow-covered roads are all dealt with handily by this advanced system, and Doug's Lynnwood Mazda wants to help you understand just how it works.

All-Wheel Driving Efficiency

One of the benefits of any active all-wheel drive system is that it provides extra control for Kirkland drivers when needed, but the default configuration is incredibly efficient. By sending a minimal amount of drive force to the rear wheels to ensure smooth torque delivery when called upon, the i-Activ all-wheel drive system doesn't burn as much extra fuel as competing technology, so you get smooth power delivery when it kicks in, without a massive loss of fuel economy under normal driving conditions.

Proactive Torque Management

Normal all-wheel drive systems monitor the torque and slip of each wheel, waiting for slip to achieve a ce

rtain threshold before going to work. Mazda's i-Activ system is different. It utilizes several factors to predict when the system will be needed, and adjusts accordingly in an attempt to optimize grip before you run into an issue.

The sensors monitor several things in order to anticipate the grip level of the road surface as well as how you are attempting to maneuver the vehicle. One of the key factors it takes into account is your accelerator position. By determining how much throttle input you are using, it can figure out if you are trying to accelerate and send torque accordingly to best help propel you forward. Steering angle and brake pressure are also accounted for in determining intended direction of travel and whether you're trying to slow down or come to a complete stop. It combines this information with information gathered from external sources such as temperature and whether or not the windshield wipers have been activated to determine outdoor weather conditions so it can anticipate rain, snow, and ice on the road surface and give Bothell drivers an appropriate level of torque between the front and rear wheels.

What Mazda Models Come with AWD? Available i-Activ Models:

If you're specifically looking for a new Mazda model with the advanced i-Activ all-wheel drive (AWD) system, our Seattle area Mazda dealership has a wide selection of models to choose from, including:

  • Mazda3 & Mazda3 Hatchback - The sporty compact gets an all-wheel drive system for the first time in its history
  • Mazda CX-3 - Enjoy the enhanced capability of this crossover with the increased ride height and advanced all-wheel drive system
  • Mazda CX-5 - This small SUV gets a tech boost as well, making it a perfect all-around choice for the Seattle area
  • Mazda CX-9 - Extra space and extra capability make the full-size Mazda CX-9 a safe choice for your family

If you're considering an all-wheel drive vehicle and want some hands-on experience with the advanced Mazda i-Activ system, visit our dealership today! Our team will happily set you up in a test drive of one of our all-wheel drive equipped vehicles, and you can get to know the seamless power transition and enhanced driving dynamics for yourself!

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