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Timely Service Visits Keep Your Mazda Vehicle Fresh

Here at our Doug's Lynnwood Mazda family right here in Edmonds, WA, we're dedicated to helping drivers like you to keep your new or used Mazda vehicle in the best possible condition. No matter what kind of Mazda vehicle you may drive, you likely enjoy many fine features in the performance, technology, safety, and other areas. To keep these other systems in top shape, it is necessary to give your vehicle periodic auto service checkups. Doing so will keep it operating smoothly and will go far towards keeping your investment in good shape.


Servicing your Mazda starts with checking fluids. Modern Mazda vehicles are full of various fluids and keeping these fluids at the proper levels and in good condition is key to overall vehicle health. One of the most important fluids in this regime is the oil. Most modern oil varieties are often quite durable and capable. By visiting certified and qualified oil replacement specialists, car owners like you can keep your engines running like new for many years.

Other parts of the vehicle need fluids for various reasons, and one such area is the transmission. Transmissions have many moving parts that involve high energies. As such, it is important to keep transmission fluids at the right levels and replaced on regular schedules. Doing so will keep it from becoming contaminated or losing its structural integrity. Some other key fluids include windshield washer fluid, brake fluid, and more.


The tires are the first line of contact between the car and the roads of Seattle and Bothell, and as such, it is important to keep tires in good condition at all times. Qualified tire technicians can take a close look at tires and identify possible issues with the grooves, treads, sidewalls, or beads.

In addition to visual inspections, qualified service members can also give tires regular rotations. Tire rotations involve exchanging tire positions on wheels, and it is a good way to keep tire wear at a minimum. Plus, many modern vehicles also use the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). This is a system that requires specialized service, and as such, it is a vital part of the vehicle service regimen.


Suspensions helps to keep passengers comfortable, balance vehicles, and also contribute to traction. Giving suspensions regular checks and adjustments can go far towards boosting vehicle longevity. Practically, this means investing in alignments. Aligning the wheels and tires properly keeps the suspension members in better shape over time.


Brakes are at the vanguard of the safety system and keeping them tuned is a matter of great importance. A qualified service technician can look at your brake system from head to toe, and identify problems on parts like rotors, calipers, brake lines, pistons, and pedals.

Cooling and Heating

The Mazda cooling system combines fluids and components such as radiators in order to maintain and manage engine temperatures. As such, keeping radiators and other components, as well as fluid levels, inspected should be a key part of service visits.


The electrical system consists of the battery, starter, and related peripheral items. Car batteries have come a long way while also come in many different styles and varieties. That said, all batteries need regular checking to make sure that they are physically and electrically sound. Drivers who have their electrical systems checked regularly can often head-off more serious issues.


It is easy to forget about exhausts and mufflers is until they begin to make noise. This doesn't have to happen, and wise Mazda owners in the Everett area will give their muffler and exhaust components checks at least twice a year. This can identify cumulative problems in older systems, and it can catch acute damage to newer systems.

When you decide that it is time to come over to Doug's Lynnwood Mazda and work with our service center, you will get to keep your Mazda in great shape and have help from professionals. Our staff members are not the only great aspect available to Lynnwood and Kirkland, WA, but also our parts center is the perfect place to visit.

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